Tyrael's Might

To those who used to game in back when Windows XP were poppin', you know, the chonky PC with all those game CDs. Those will surely still remember this legendary Diablo2 game. Surely many of you have experienced this game in the list of offline games CDs you find at the thrift store. Or those rich fellas who can afford from Blizzard xD. After 20 years, many people would think this is a boring old-fashioned offline game but no....In our Diablo2 Tyrael's Might mod, Diablo2 has been remade, adding many new and exciting features. keeping up with other online games on the market. We've set up for online and stable server to bring back the nostalgic feeeling of training together, hunt bosses, chat, pk, organize weekly, monthly, yearly tournaments, etc..

New features of our online version - Diablo2 Tyrael's Might:

  • New wing system, new unique and beautiful charm.
  • New ingame currency system - souls - that can be use to purchase valuable items with our unique shop feature.
  • New Item Upgrade system (using Lord of Destruction Items), and lots of new non-diablo items not available in any Diablo 2 version other than D2TM.
  • New and improve skill system, stronger and unique compare to old LoD version.
  • New map system (Unique maps with completely new visual effects!
  • New Boss system Lick King, God of Fire, Sesshoumaru, etc... addition of difficult immuniy monsters for those who have conquered the land of Sanctuary.
  • Pvp and PvM System in the form of battle room. Retaining privacy and consistency.- Unique playstyle-driven drop system up-to-date with current gaming standards.
Gameplay: Class build variety with lots of customization that would differ based on maps, bosses, events, pk...
With a professional and friendly Support team ready to meet the needs of players 24/7.
What are you waiting for, join us in this extremely attractive legendary game and relive the memory of playing with your friends, battling hordes of demon, vanquishing the Evil and save Sanctuary!
Last modified 6mo ago